Friday, January 15, 2010

Preschool Corner: Insects

I'm happily sitting out here in the family room on my lap top as the kids are painting the first step in our art project.  So, this may not be the cogent post, but I like this idea of how to get my post written and still be here with the kids.

Hmph, it's randomly decided not to let me uncenter the text.  I just wanted to show these two comics I saw today because they amused me greatly.


We continued with Progressive Phonics.  The kids have gotten through the first few pages, and we're mainly doing a lot of rereading it because they really can use the practice.  So far they're hit and miss on it.  They enjoy sitting with me and reading the words by themselves, but they don't do as well when it's actually in the story.

We read lots of books this week.  There was no particular favorite, but we did work on predicting.  It amuses me their different answers, sometimes they'll try to predict, but more often than not they'll say "I don't know," or "turn the page.


Hey, it randomly stopped being centered.......  And now the kids are happily sitting in the bath tub, okay not so happily as Princess is kicking her brothers.  All too soon we're not going to be able to have them take baths together, but right now they're enjoying it immensely.

We did a lot of counting with our costume magnets.  These are still a big hit here, and they love playing with them and counting them.  Of course we continue our calendar, but I've left off having them do stickers to count the days of school.  They were really starting to hate that, and in a few weeks I plan to have them making the number with our new Math U See manipulatives (once we reach that lesson in the curriculum, at the rate we're flying through the first few lessons I'm sure that will be soon).  I'd link over to their website, but I'm feeling lazy right now.  I'm sure I'll go back and fix it when I'm not on the lap top.


insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

Bet you were beginning to think I wouldn't have a picture this post weren't you?  We did two things to emphasize the different parts of insects.  We played cootie, to read more about how we made this a learning activity go here.  And we made our own insects, both activities were wildly popular here.


Sadly the activity I wanted to do wasn't possible because of uncooperative weather, so that didn't really happen.


insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

Art this week was mostly a random conglamelation hodge podge of stuff.  The kids had lots of fun expanding on my few planned art projects, and I think that's probably going to be the way of things for a while.  But the kids seem to like that so all is well.

The bath water is slightly green now from all of the paint that has come off of them, and Princess is way tired beyond expressing.  She's laying on my bed crying in sheer exhaustion, so I'm gong to go cuddle her for a little bit while the boys finish their bath.

I'll go back later and find the link to link up to Homeschool Creations when I link my post up.

And, now as my postscript, all the kids are blissfully upstairs in their beds, pretending to be asleep.  I'm going to get my posts for next week planned out.  I'm thinking with Princess' surgery it's going to be a hectic week.
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