Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dragons, dragons, dragons

I saw this on a blog, and I’m sorry but I didn’t clip it to remember where.  I know I followed a link from Crafty Crow.

Supplies: egg carton, construction paper, paint, yarn, hole punch


1.  Sorry, this picture is from a later step, but this lets you see what you need.  Cut your egg carton off  with 4 of the egg holes.  Also cut off 2 of the segments to make the eyes.
Now cut apart the top and bottom of the carton.  This lets you use it as a puppet.


2.  Paint your egg cartons.  Of course this requires insanely large amounts of paint and colors.
If you’re trying for an Asian inspired dragon then use lots and lots of bright colors!


3.  From the construction paper cut out and glue on flames, or whatever cool shape you want.


4.  Glue on the eyes.  I used markers to draw eyes in the middle.  I think the boys did more paint.

Hmmm, I have no clue how Superman got the injury on his chin.

005  5.  Punch a hole about an inch in on both sides on the top and bottom.
Cut a piece of string about six inches long, and feed it through both holes.  Then tie it off.  This will let your kids use it as a puppet when it’s all dried off.


6.  Cut a piece of tissue paper in half, and then glue it around the top of this.  This step is rather tricky and is a “Mommy step,” unless your kids are much older and more careful than mine.

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Then have an awesome dragon flight.
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