Thursday, June 24, 2010

Geography: Williamson County Museum


So……..  A friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go with her and the kids she was nannying to a local paint your own pottery studio.  I said “Sure!”  What a chance to let my kids get creative, and I don’t have to clean it, SCORE!

So, we loaded all up.  You know, I’ve just noticed I say “so” too much, I really should work on that.  Continuing on.  We drove up to Georgetown, and went to the address the girl insisted it was at, and saw a Spa……  That was not it.  So, we circled around and found this:

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In case you can’t tell the sign says: “Coming soon 8th Street Art Studio.”
We particularly liked the fresh coffee sign in front of the barbed wire.  So, we thought there is no way we were going to take the kids there even if it was open.  NOT HAPPENING.

So, we wandered around downtown Georgetown and discovered this little museum, The Williamson County Museum, a small little free museum telling the history of the county with a few nice interactive exhibits.


They got to try and figure out how to use a drill from the natives in the area (I didn’t get much chance to read what the signs said, so a lot of this is conjecture).


Try to grind corn.  This was especially hard because it was a true original corn grinder, and made of real rock.  Very heavy for a three year old.


And, we got to talk about the less proud moments in American History.  My kids all agree they didn’t like the ghost man.

And, let me brag for a moment on my college.  Way back in the 20s, when Abilene Christian University, was Abilene Christian College, and still fairly small, a collection of KKK burst into chapel in full costume and walked proudly up to the front, and said “We like what you stand for as a college, and want to give you a donation.”  The president of the college at that time turned to him and said, “We don’t like what you stand for, and we will not accept your donation.”  I’ve always liked that story ever since I heard it back in college, and think it’s a neat story about standing up for what’s right.

After we finished up in the museum we continued around the square and saw a lot of cool historic building and ended up in a local bookshop which had this sign:
Duly noted, not leaving my kids alone.  No matter how much Princess might wish for a dog.

I love little museums like this, they’re fun to find, and I look forward to seeing if we can find any on our trip this summer.

Now, head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn to see more great geography ideas.

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