Thursday, June 10, 2010

stART: Waiting out the Storm

This one was a bit backwards.  We drove home from a trip out just as a storm was starting, and my kids begged to play in the rain.  I mean begged!  So, I let them.

009 004 005

And then they played more.

004 005 012 009

We played in the rain under umbrellas.

029 021 022 026

We played with the umbrellas.

007028  019 025

We played without umbrellas.

040 034 037 039
And we played in our swimsuits.

And then we went inside and read the book I’d been saving for the next rainy day:

It’s a cute story about a kid and her Mom talking through what happens to everyone during the storm, and how the different animals keep safe and how the little girl keeps safe.  It was a perfect ending to playing outside as we sat inside and listened to the thunder storm the rain had turned into.

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