Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to build a bear

And I can almost guarantee I’ll start crying while writing this post, but I’ve come to admit this is one of my main ways of documenting our life, and this is too important not to post.
Tara and Sam’s third anniversary would have been May 19.  And we wanted to do something special for her.  One of the things that was so special and fun about Sam is his love of Star Wars.

So, we went to Build-A-Bear to make her a bear, and we after much conniving got his voice mail message to put in the bear.  The people at Build-A-Bear were quite helpful in letting me do this.  It took a lot of work.


After much deliberation we chose the  cat, because Aunt Tara is a big cat fan.  Then the kids all took turns pushing the foot pedal to stuff him, and they all decided he was appropriately huggable.

 038 039040
They all picked out a hear so Aunt Tara would have lots of love, and followed the charm for the cat, and then grudgingly put their hearts in.

043 041 042
Then they carefully gave the cat a bath.

047 045 046
They very carefully dressed him, with very few arguments of who got to put on what.

And posed happily for the camera with their “Uncle Sam Darth Vader” cat.

I think the only thing that saved all of us from crying like babies when we gave it to her was the kids’ enthusiasm for the present.  And they’re very excited about getting to make their own someday soon!

And, I made it through writing this post without crying, barely.
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