Thursday, June 3, 2010

stART: Five Little Kittens

As I mentioned on Saturday, we read this super cute book The Five Little Kittens.  And that got me to thinking about our Nursery Rhyme book.   It’s sat long defunct, and I’ve missed doing the projects.  Bother, getting maudlin thinking of why I got derailed.  Okay, I remembered one of our earliest projects was a rendition of this, and I wanted to revisit it.


Supplies: printout, paint, sand or glitter (and yes, this project did remind me why I never use glitter).


And FYI, this did not turn out like I had hoped, but that’s my own fault for letting them do it however they wanted.




Let your kid have a hey day painting the pictures (can you see where it started to go wrong?).








Sprinkle sand on the wet paint.  This acts like glue and keeps the sand on the pictures, makes for a cool tactile feel.




And then in theory you cut out the pictures, and you have a super cute project.  IN reality, here’s what I got:


Lots and lots of paint blobs.  You can’t even really tell what the pictures were.  Oh well, I’ll try again next week, and post a revised version of it, hopefully with better results.


Three Little Kittens They Lost Their Mittens

And if you’re wondering who the boy cat is, that’s the Daddy cat, who Batman said I had to have.  Then Superman added he needed to wear a Superman shirt. 

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