Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiddos Create: 5 Little Kittens redo

Can I call a do-over?  So, you guys all saw our first attempt at the 3 Little Kittens…..  That’s also where you’ll find the printable.

Yeah, that didn’t turn out quite like I had planned, so we tried again, and it’s not super fancy or cool, but I can read the words, and the kids enjoyed it.
003 001 


There, that doesn’t feel so cooped up, now that I’ve moved this bottom one down.  I got the kids all excited by picking up a set of watercolor pencils.

If you’re not familiar with them, you draw just like normal pencils, and then you can get them damp with a wet paint brush and it looks like you painted.

Well, once the kids figured out they could use paint brushes afterwards they were all set to stop coloring right away and head right to the brush…….

And here’s the end results:

Here’s what it looks like in my ideal world…….  You know where the kids make sense and are perfect little creatures.


This is Batman’s, notice how the kids are all on top of each other.  That’s probably rather indicative of my house.  I have three wrestlers.


This is Superman’s, and I may be wrong on the boys.  I’d have to go back and look at the name on the books.  They covered up the parts that made them distinctive.  Superman took a long time drawing out his kitchen, and told me he had a spider table, and this is the oven, and all fo these great det004ails, and then he glued his people all over it.  It really cracked me up.
And here’s page two of the story.  Notice where he started adding the black.  I forget what he explained what it was.  I think that might be the smoke.

And then there was this horrible dragon attack, and I had to flee from Batman’s vicious pet dragon as he chased me through the kitchen, keeping me from taking any more useful pictures.

Finally the vicious dragon was subdued and put back on his leash.  And Batman was momentarily mollified.  And I emphasize momentarily.


Here is Princess’ proud work.  This is the best picture I could get thanks to a little monster, who shall remain nameless, let’s just say his name rhymes with Catman……..

And my picture session ended with the kids all climbing over each other to give me “jump hugs,” what’s that you ask?  Well, it’s where your child jumps at your from an average of three feet away with no warning expecting to be caught.  No really, that’s their plan.  And you wonder why we go to the ER so often.

And as a side note, we’ve been ER free for almost 3 weeks now.  And I tamed the savage pre-schoolers by promising I would finish writing this and then go chase them around the house.  So, I’m off to get some “exercise.”  Tag counts as exercise right?

So head on over to Mama Jenn, and see what others did this week with their kids for an art project.  I’d link up to Tired, Need Sleep but I don’t think this is quite free form enough.
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