Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: trimming seams

I thought of titling this post like Mother, like Daughter…….

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But, in reality the post is about this:
The super easiest way to trim curves and seams.  So, when you’re sewing you are supposed to clip your curves of your seams.  In theory you clip little triangle wedges out of the curves that are supposed to curve in (think crotch, collars), and clip slits in curves that go out (think princess seams) to make them lie smooth.  Here’s what I do once I’m sure I won’t need to rip the seam out.

I get my pinking shears and just trim the seam with those, so much faster than cutting those little triangles, and it has the added benefit of finishing the seam at the same time.  Princess seams I still tend to do the slits, because I’m often lining those and don’t care about if the seam is finished.

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