Friday, June 25, 2010

Preschool Corner: preschool on the go



This will probably be my last preschool corner post for a few weeks because we’ll be traveling soon, and so here’s my plans for traveling and learning on the go:


And PS: the pictures have nothing to do with the post, they’re just random pictures I liked because they’re cute.




We’re driving from Texas to Southern California, so we’ll pass through New Mexico and Arizona.  I’ll put pictures up as we go through, but here’s what the kids will be putting together for their geography studies as we travel:

Arizona State Symbols

Information and pictures for this came from this site: Arizona Secretary of State for Kids.  And can I just say I love when states have information for the kids  on their website, and I LOVE it even more when they have coloring pages or anything like that.


New Mexico


006 And information and many of the pictures came from the New Mexico Secretary of State for Kids.  And as a random comment, I’d have to say the Uncle Ben’s Guide to the Federal Government page on the US website is AWESOME!  I used that back when I was teaching second grade for the kids to learn about the U.S. government.


So, they’ll be doing those.  I’m going to look up some books on those states in our public library to find some good ones.  I’ll probably also be picking up some ones on Tombstone and Grand Canyon while we’re going to them.  Maybe one on Santa Fe as well……..  I’m a sucker for a good kid’s book.  If you want to see what we  did on California earlier check here.


Math and Handwriting


005 I plan to use some leftover preschool workbooks which the kids are mostly beyond to refine some skills and to work on their handwriting.  These should be mostly ones they can do on their own.  I’ve also printed off a bunch from the Learning Page from their insect theme (some of which I’m going to have to reprint because it got all screwy while printing a bunch of them).




008 I’m going to bring some of the books I’ve printed out from Reading A to Z for them to keep practicing on.  My goal is for them to read an “easy” one in the morning and a more difficult one in the afternoon.  We’ll see if I stick to this.






  We plan to go to the  San Diego Zoo (which I am SO stoked about) and an aquarium in Phoenix, AZ (anyone else find an aquarium in the middle of a desert hilarious?)


I’m debating about bringing our science book with us to read more about bugs or just letting that part be.




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