Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fort Stockton, Texas


Our last day of the trip, while they were fixing my glasses, we went to Fort Stockton.  Jeff and I had lots of fun.  The kids were mildly interested.    Actually they were rather interested in the idea of chaining up prisoners and had a lot of fun investigating the chains, but had to be cautioned about swinging them around.

And then we went over the visitor center/museum and the kids took over my camera.
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And was taken away after that last shot where they were piling on top of each other.  Yeah……  That wasn’t so cool.

I tried to get what was going to be a really cool picture of the kids next to the soldier and his horse, but that didn’t quite work out.  They were too busy hugging the soldier.  However after talking about it for a while they could point out some of the soldier’s gear.  And then we had to put the soldier’s hand back on him.

While I grimaced and thought the kids were so horrible the lady working there said my kids were doing excellent, and so many parents had to leave with their kids because they couldn’t sit still through the movie or other problems.  So, I felt a little better.


I love visiting some of the less frequented areas.  The lieutenant there kept a detailed journal that had all sorts of amusing tidbits about life at the fort.  It was interesting to me they chose not to have a wall around the fort because you could see anyone coming for miles.    He also wrote a humorous story about his kids playing on a horse until the horse got tired of it all and ran off.  Leaving the poor kids in the dirt.

Oh, and I learned something from this.  I’d always heard the term buffalo soldiers and thought it was generic to the soldiers fighting out West.  But, instead it referred to the freed slaves turned soldiers because their hair reminded the Indians of the buffalo’s hair.  The fort had a lot of really interesting information about the Buffalo Soldiers.  So, I’d give Fort Stockton a big thumbs up.  Besides, they gave my kids a real cool pin for visiting.

I found my lap top, and am busy copying over files, so hopefully tonight I’ll be able to write up those other posts………  We’ll see.  3 loads of laundry down, it took the people at the car wash over 5 hours to get our carpets clean, but WOW is it clean!
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