Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get lost in a noodle forest


And as you can see it’s very hard to take pictures in the middle of a pool noodle forest.  Actually there were a lot of activities that were hard to get good pictures of.  In the middle of the forest was a cactus you could put spiders on and then watch them be thrown across the way by an eagle (in reality, they stuck it to velcro and then rolled it up and a fan knocked them off).  But, it was really funny to watch.




Oh wait, I just realized in my amusement at the pool noodle forest I forgot to tell you what I was talking about.  This is the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, actually it’s one of two.  There’s one in Mesa, a suburb, but it was sadly closed on Mondays, that one looked really cool.    But, we didn’t lose anything by going to this one.  First they spent a good 30 minutes IMG_0516climbing all over the 3 story tall wood and metal contraption and finding the different cool little hiding places.  Let me tell you a game of hide and seek in something like that is hard.  You can see the person, but have no idea how to get over to where they are before they can go hide somewhere else.  Oh, and I rediscovered that I don’t like grated floors.  I had a couple of freak out moments up there, and I know Princess did.


After all that playing they had a dirty tricycle and so Batman drove everyone through the trike wash and got all cleaned up.   I love how you can see their reflections in the glass.  I wish I could say it was on purpose, but it wasn’t.






IMG_0538  After all that work we were of course very hungry and went grocery shopping, did some cooking at a restaurant and then stopped at an ice cream parlor.  The restaurant and ice cream parlor gave me so many ideas of projects to make.  I really loved their ice cream cones.  It was just a piece of fun foam, or one of those circles for the Candy Land DVD game or the Twister game (I forget which variation) glued into a cone shape.  Then it was foam balls of different colors.  The kids loved making ice cream cones.

IMG_0557 IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0561 IMG_0556 And it all ended in a family nap.


Oh, and oops.  I mislabeled a kid earlier.  Superman is wearing the blue Batman shirt, he’s the one with the bandaid currently.   Just saw that in the close-up of his sleeping shot.

So, this goes on my list of Would visit again.  Check out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

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