Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They finally got to build their bears

This is why they were so excited to go on this trip.  Forget anything else, when do we get to make our own bear Mommy?



Can you imagine a fight here?  Princess wasn’t convinced of the type of bear, but finally settled on a puppy.  Grudgingly.





The little stinkers grabbed a couple of hearts for their bears.  So, those bears have lots of love in them.



A lot of love.  Can you see the grin on Superman’s face?  Seriously happy!





237 231

And very very clean.  They scrubbed those guys!



Then very carefully dressed.  With much deliberation.  Then much begging for a lot more outfits and accessories.  A $35 car for a bear, ummm….. no.  Sorry guys.  Golf clubs?  I will end up stepping on them and breaking them, and then there will be many tears.




Three happy customers.  The boys haven’t let their bears out of their sight.  Princess…….  She’s not as attached, I almost wonder if we should have let her pick the one that looks more like a dog, but can’t really wear outfits.


Oh the second-guessing.


Finished bears, complete with hamming it up:

059 058

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