Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tutorial: Magnetic Paper Dolls

I saw this post over at Frugal Family Fun Blog, and thought I”d go ahead and show my paper dolls.  I was so tickled to see someone else had almost the same idea.
Supplies: mint tin, acrylic paint, paint brush, paper dolls (this site has a lot of different ones you can use), mod podge, magnets or a magnet maker

1.  Choose your paper doll of choice and copy into a word document.  I would copy it into word and then shrink it by 50%.  While viewing the document in print mode and 100% I would compare it to my tin to make sure it would fit.

2.  Paint several light layers of paint onto the lid of the can.  For my lighter pink it took 3 or 4 layers.

Of course one of those layers got messed up by little fingers…….


3.  Repeat with the back.  When you’re done your tin should look like this.


4.  Carefully cut out your dolls and spread a thin layer of mod podge on the bottom and lid of your tin.  Place the doll down, and then put a second layer of mod podge over the dolls.
(I figured out that it is best to have several dolls for your kid to dress, so I put dolls inside and outside the tin).


5.  Once the inside dolls are dry glue on the outside dolls.

6.  Cut out the clothes.

7a.  If you have a magnet maker, here’s where you run the clothes through the magnet maker and then cut it out again.  Or use the adhesive magnets.

7b.  Otherwise you can use all of those magnets you get from restaurants and use mod podge to glue it on, and then cover with a second layer of mod podge to seal it.  Much like you glued the doll on.  And then cut it out.  Either way you’re cutting it out twice.

Finished products:
IMG_0581  IMG_0579 IMG_0580

And of course the final step is to have fun playing!


Sigh, so I just managed to break my glasses.  It's been a little challenging writing this post, and I've got quite a headache developing.

UPDATE: glasses are fixed.

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