Friday, July 16, 2010

I’m back!

home that is.  And it feels good to be home.  Mind, my house is a mess.  I have way too much laundry to do, and Jeff has been stuck at the place cleaning the car since 9 something this morning (I had been envying him that long stay there, but not so much now, he’s finished his book and is very very bored).


I’ve got a bunch of posts to write about California and a couple from Texas, but those will have to wait until I have my lap top, which is hiding somewhere in the mess that is now my downstairs (as compared to the mess that is my upstairs).


After staying with someone who has a dog and little kids, Princess is really pushing to get a dog now.  She’s reminded me several times that she is now going poop in the potty, so she should get a dog now.  I reminded her of the added stipulation we came up with from the linked conversation, and now she’s dead set on getting the house clean, as long as she doesn’t have to do any work.


Well, I better get that next load of laundry moved around and get the kids on putting away the next small bag of stuff (I’ve found if I break it up into little bags of stuff in between play periods it gets put away with much less complaint, and actually put away).


I leave you with a music video that entranced me at Dairy Queen yesterday, it’s a good thing to keep in mind.  I’m not usually a country music fan, but this was a good reminder.

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