Thursday, July 29, 2010

stART: Zuni kachina masks

We read all about the Zuni who lived primarily in New Mexico, we started off talking about visiting there, and what we remembered, and then read the book.  Afterwards we decided to make Kachina masks, so we could be kachina dancers.
Supplies: paper plates, dot markers, glitter glue (actually this is one of those fun crafts that is only limited by your time and your imagination, our time was not enough to add all the bells and whistles)
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1.  Saturate your plate in dot paint.  Then add about a pound of glitter glue.  Make sure to add so much that you have a pile of it in one spot that is probably equivalent to a cup of glue.  This really makes it sparkle.

2.  Stick your whole hand on the wet glitter glue.  Then act surprised that it got dirty.


Finished products (or the ones I could find):

Superman says: “I dare you rain spirits to rain more.  Austin isn’t flooded yet.”  Okay, he didn’t say that, but they were amused at people dancing to make it rain.

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