Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arkansas Flag

I was intrigued by the history of the Arkansas flag.  I know all of the states have great histories behind their flag, but this is the first one I was that desperate to find something about the state to find it out.

Here’s what I found out:


The large diamond is to represent Arkansas being the only state to produce diamonds.


The 25 stars inside of it are because Arkansas is the 25th state to enter the Union.


The top star in the middle is because Arkansas was part of the Confederacy.  The lower 3 stars are for France, Spain, and the United States, the other 3 countries that had ruled over Arkansas.  Information from 50 state flags


Well, after teaching them all about this, we took the time to design our own flags.  I could tell everyone’s minds weren’t really on the lesson as we went through, so I cut everything short and sent them outside to play.



I got Mac playing with Batman, and Robot Boxing from another kid (who’d just spent the last hour telling me all about Robot Wars).  It just went downhill from there, ending with Princess who just sat there and stared outside.


There’s some battles you can’t win, so I sent them outside and they played……..


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