Monday, June 25, 2012

Michigan: Clever Beatrice


Clever Beatrice, tall tale for Michigan

When researching books for Michigan, I discovered this gem of a tall tale called “Clever Beatrice”.  It’s about the cutest books I’ve seen, and one of the few tall tales that’s about a girl.  To make matters even better she win the day by outwitting her foes, not by being the prettiest or anything like that.  She rather reminded me of Jack from the many and varied Jack tales (Jack the Giant Killer, Jack and the Bean Stalk, the trickster archetype).


After reading the book I thought about some fun ideas for outsmarting or out-tricking someone, but none of them seemed age appropriate, and I also didn’t want to encourage my children to start acting like her about certain things…….


Clever Beatrice activity


Instead, I googled visual puzzles, and came up with many to solve online, and a few that were find the hidden picture puzzle, but nothing too clever.


Then I found a heart tangram.  This seemed like a nice little math puzzle and some fun for the kids all at the same time.


Clever Beatrice heart

I printed it out and set them to cutting and coloring.


They happily spent several minutes attempt to put the hearts back together.  A quest, that I admit stumped me at first, until I figured out the trick.  Which sadly I still haven’t figured out for the square tangram.  Isn’t that sad?


I’m going to pop over to All Things Beautiful and share this on her Summer Learning Fun.

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