Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Changes for the better

We’ve had a bad habit.  It came about because I was tired or Jeff was tired, and we’d eat meals in front of the TV.



You see our family room furniture was a mish mash of hand me downs, kids’ furniture and our pride and joy:


Matching overstuffed recliners.  Yes, see there’s me in the chair I had staked out as my own.  When we ate there, I would sit in it with my plate balanced on my lap, and my Dr Pepper next to me.


But, I didn’t really like this habit, but it was SOOOOOOO easy to do.


Recently a nearby furniture store was closing and Jeff suggested I go by there.  The kids were more than game because it meant they could run around and try all of the chairs and make up games.  This is what they do when we go to Ikea.  It always cracks me up.  On our list of things we “are someday going to buy,” was a sectional sofa.  We kept looking at them, but not buying because they’re expensive.  Especially what we were leaning towards, so we were going to have to save.


Enter the store closing (and I promise I will get around to my point eventually).  I saw the couch we wanted, and it was a lot closer in price to what we might be able to afford, but it was still too high.


So, we went in and made our offer.  She countered with a higher one.  And then we talked and talked and talked and prayed.  Eventually she came back a little under our offer.  Then we talked and prayed some more, and we bought it.



It’s the most expensive piece of furniture we’ve owned.  We want to be good stewards as God has told us to be, so we’re trying to take care of it. Enter, the lifestyle change.


We’re no longer eating dinner or any meals really in the family room.

What changed? It’s certainly not my housekeeping, or how clean I keep the room.


Look at the middle of the room.  What is missing?


The coffee table.  There is no longer an easy place for us to have the kids eat while we’re in there.


Carcassone our way

Instead we’re eating at the dinner table.  And playing games there.  Okay, we were playing games there before, but I have a picture of playing games.  For some strange reason I don’t pull the camera out a lot while we’re eating.


This means we’re interacting and talking more.  We’re also watching less TV, and the kids are playing more.


Batman playing with soldiers in waiting room

Not that my kids didn’t play a lot anyways.


So what change do you need to make right now?  Is there a step of obedience God has called you to?  There are several small ones I’m working on right now.  Which will probably be several upcoming posts.  One of which I’m going to go do right now, which is getting places on time.  That means I need to get off the computer……..

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