Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to make a mini book with no staples

How to make a book without staples
Since, this is going to be one of the primary features of tomorrow’s post, and it takes some explaining to put together, I figured I’d better explain it here.

Back in college I learned how to make these, and then forgot it.  When I went to the homeschool convention a few weeks ago, I was reminded of this.
Supplies: scissors, paper (at least 2 sheets), pencil, optional ruler

Step 1 in stapleless book
1.  Hamburger fold both of your sheets of paper in half.  You could fold it the other way, but it looks more like a normal book this way.

Step 2 in stapleless book
2.  Mark on the fold of each piece of paper a line, approximately two fingers up.  If you want a more exact measurement, then use a ruler to measure one inch.

step 3 in stapleless book
3.  On the first piece of paper, cut on the fold up to the mark on both ends.

step 4 in stapleless book
4.  On the second sheet of paper shave a little bit of the fold off between your two marks.

step 5 in stapleless book
5.  Roll the first sheet of paper like a burrito.  You want the fold to line up in the middle.

step 6 in stapleless book
6.  Take the rolled piece of paper and put it through the middle of the other like you see in the picture.

step 6 in stapleless book
7.  Fiddle with the rolled piece so the two slits line up with the uncut portion of the spine.  If you didn’t measure or cut correctly you may need to make the cut a little bit bigger.

stapleless book openstapleless book closed
And now you have a bound book that didn’t require any tape or staples to make it.  If you want more sheets you can do more.  If there is an odd number, than you need to put the larger number of pages in the second type of page (where you shaved the edge off).

Quick simple and fairly easy.  My 5 year old daughter was able to follow the instructions for this, so if you child already has some crafting experience, than you’re golden.
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