Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michigan: The Log Cabin Quilt


Jeff’s working late, so I’m having fun working through my backlog of things to write about.

We’ve just had a crazy CRAZY spring, and the summer isn’t looking to calm down.  These are all things done weeks ago.

They’re not super exciting as far as activities go, but the books are so wonderful that I have to share them.

“The Log Cabin Quilt is about a family that moved to Michigan after their Mom died.  The grandma comes with them, but their Dad is sad.

One winter night he’s gone out hunting and they see he hasn’t gotten back.  It’s cold and they’re sad, and they try something unusual to help with the cold.

One of the major plot points of the book revolves around “chinking the cabin,” chinking is putting bits of mud into the holes between logs.  I loved the chinking activity Phyllis did with her kids, but with less than 15 minutes for our activity, that was not an option.


So, we colored in our chinking.  Then we drew how we would decorate our cabin if we were trying to make it feel like home.

Apparently my boys would put random bits of color in their houses.  Actually I think he explained to me it was a tube that would deliver the things he wanted.  He went on to describe the things, and it was a long and bizarre list.

Babies, toys, candy, food, more food, and then some more food.  Apparently my kids are starved, and I never feed them.  And, I’m still wondering about the babies.  His theory was he’d send them back when they started crying.
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