Monday, June 18, 2012

Please be careful this summer

This is rather near and dear to my heart today.  There was an accident in a pool this weekend, and my friend’s nephew drowned.  He was only a little guy, and full of promise.

So, before I post anymore this week, I wanted to share this article that’s an answer to prayer for me:


How to recognize someone is drowning.


My boys headed off to camp yesterday.  They tolerated for me to take two pictures.  After that they were too busy meeting new people and checking things out.  Actually, I barely got these pictures.


Their counselor is named “Skittles.”  And he seems a good fit for them.  Before I left, I got several worried whispers of “How do I tell them apart?”


I guess it wouldn’t have been helpful to tell them, I’d spent most of that day getting them backwards because one of the boys was wearing the same shirt his brother had worn the day before, and it really threw me.  God really must be laughing in heaven, because I swear this is why he gave me twins.



Princess, has a friend staying the week with us.  The younger sister, of the boys’ friend up there.  She is OVER THE MOON at the idea of having a girl all week long.


While she’s busy distracted with her friend, I have plans to organize my pantry, maybe even the dining room, and work on some Bible lessons to get further ahead…….. A girl can dream.  You know during all of the other things going on this week.

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