Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun Read Aloud for Girls

This is actually the exact version I have, so that amuses me.  Back when I was in college I read this book and thought it was absolutely charming, especially since the illustrations are in the style of the Color Fairy Books, which I loved.


Now this past week I have had Princess all by herself with another little girl.  This seemed like the perfect time to read the book to her without accompanying complaints from the boys.


The Ordinary Princess is the seventh princess born in a magical kingdom.  Everyone is sure she will be the most beautiful little princess ever and the biggest party is planned for her christening.  Every fairy in the kingdom is invited, and they give her all manner of gifts, charm, grace, ability to dance, and then the last fairy comes.  She’s been listening to all of the other gifts and thinks they’re quite silly, and she says “I give you the gift of ordinariness.”  Immediately her hair loses her curl, freckles sprout and her eyes change to a muddy color that’s not brown and not blue.


She grows up and isn’t the perfect princess every expects and there lies the problem, so she decides to solve the problem and runs away.  And that’s when the fun begins!


Last night as we were reading it, I got begged to read more, so we read about 30 pages in one night.  I actually think I’ll stop writing now and see if I can convince the girls to listen to some more, we’re probably not going to finish it before the boys come back, which is a shame.


I’m gonna send you over to Natalie at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to learn about what other kids are reading this week!

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