Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arkansas: Rosie’s Fiddle

Sooooo……  I said there are no real books on Arkansas at my library.  I cheated and said this one way, because the state instrument (that’s right they have one) is a fiddle.

I thought about going back and remaking our Fiddle craft from Banjo Granny.  But, that would be derivative…….  Okay not really, I just didn’t want to do the same thing.

So,  Rosie's Fiddleis about a woman who is the best fiddler in the area.  It’s rumored she’s so good that she could outwit the Devil.  Of course he can’t have that, so he comes and tries to trick her.  She has to outwit and outplay him.

This of course led me to decide to have my kids think about how they would outwit the Devil.

First though, we had a very long talk about how we should never try to outwit the Devil and what to do when faced with temptation, how to handle that.

Not too surprisingly Batman decided he was going to out fight the Devil.  Superman decided to build a machine.  He was on a real machine kick that day……..


Princess was still thinking about designing jewelry earlier, so she decided to make a necklace to trap him with.

I kid you not.

My kids amuse me, frequently.  I’d even say it happens several times a day…….
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