Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Sigh, I’ve been meaning to get this post written FOREVER!


This is the first year I had the kids help me make it, and I think all of our brains were fried, so none of us came with anything super inspiring………



I got out our cookie cutters and turned them loose to trace around them for places to write our ideas.



Then we started to fill in ideas.



It became so engrossing that we had to climb up on the table to work on it.  I’m letting them get away with horrible things, aren’t I?


Batman’s list:

1.  Play Hero dress-up

2.  Play Dinosaur Train dress-up (we’d just finished watching Dinosaur Train)

3.  Cook with Mommy

4.  Play with Mac

5.  Play with my family

6.  Help Mommy make a Bible story.

7.  Make a Pteranadon doll.

8.  Play with Nana.

9.  Do puzzles with Nana.

10. Help Mommy do the grocery shopping.



Superman’s list:

1. Help Nana put the silverware on the table.

2.  Not get messy when eating

3.  Do puzzles with Nana

4.  Watch Max and Ruby

5.  Have a tea party

6.  Help Nana clean her house

7.  Have fun at small group

8.  Go to the park

9.  Play with my cousin

10. Buy a Dobby and Harry Potter Lego set  (The boy has been obsessed with Legos recently)



Princess’ list:

1.  Have fun with neighbors

2.  Play face (she explained this is making faces)

3.  Tea party with Nana

4.  Go shopping with Mommy (UGH!, SHE MEANS CLOTHES SHOPPING!)

5.  Sleep at Aunt Tara’s house

6.  Play Harry Potter (She plays either Ginny or Hermione and is VERY bossy)

7.  Tea party with Mommy

8.  Puzzle with Nana

9.  Play with G (friend of hers)

10.Play with Granddad


As you can see none of these are super hard or out of the ordinary here……..  My brain was rather fried as well, I came up with:


1.  Rock the Rock

2.  Bike to a park (this may be too ambitious for their abilities)

3.  Make fairy dolls

4.  Make knight dolls

5.  Camp in the backyard

6.  Paint the castle (we found a blank wooden castle at Michael’s.  Thanks to MaryAnne at Mama Smiles for pointing them out)

7.  Ride the Zilker Train (a summer tradition)

8.  Make s’mores

9.  Make a put-put course

10. Read the Borrowers (we started that one on Monday)


We’ll see, I think this is a doable list, as compared to some earlier ones.  I still haven’t defeated Batman Lego, but I’m slowly each year getting closer………. 89% now.  Of course Batman Lego 2 is coming out this summer, and now I have Lego Harry Potter and the boys have Lego Star Wars……..

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