Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite recipes: I couldn’t pick one

Over at This Simple Home, Annette is hosting a summer linky, I missed last week because of being thrown off only having two kids for the week………  It’s amazing how you get used to your family dynamics.


Since, I couldn’t choose just one, I thought I would share what my IDEAL menu plan would be if I could design the perfect day.



Non-messy French Toast

My Non-Messy French Toast post is probably one of my most pinned posts.  These are delicious, and they have the advantage of not being sticky.  The syrup and sweetness is already built in.  And, if there are left-overs they reheat well.


Muppet Sandwich

I have to admit it was a toss-up between this and a tea party, but over the span of my life I have eaten a lot of Muppet Sandwiches.  I LOVE them.


homemade spaghetti sauce

Hands down my absolute favorite thing for dinner is spaghetti.  My Mom taught me how to make my own spaghetti sauce way back in junior high, and I’ve been making my own ever since.  I make insanely large amounts and then freeze the left-overs.  I’ve used this sauce for lasagna, for pizza, and whatever else would use a marinara sauce.


best sugar cookie recipe ever

My favorite desert is Santa Cookies (are you noticing a coconut theme?).  I love them.  This recipe was passed down from my Great-grandma, and I eagerly look forward to Christmas each year to eat these while dipping them in milk.


Okay, that’s my favorite recipes.  Now I’m hungry, but as I’m writing this it is almost dinner time, so maybe I should start thinking about that.  Princess has requested pancakes for dinner.  I don’t know if we have the materials, it being almost time to go to the grocery store……


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