Thursday, June 28, 2012

Organizing All About Reading

Organizing All About Reading Lessons

I struggled for a while with All About Reading Level 1 trying to figure out how to organize all of it.  I’d seen different posts with how people were doing it and that got me thinking.


At first, I hole-punched the word cards and had them on a ring.  But, if I was looking for a specific lesson, then I had to flip through all of the words.  Time lost, okay only a minute or so, but in 7 year old time that is IMMENSE.


Enter my plan, and this will work smoother next year because I will know ahead of time how I want to do this.


manila envelope with lesson

This is a mini-manila envelope.  It’s about half the size of a normal one.  I suppose I could put them in full size ones, but this works perfectly once game pieces are cut out, and if it’s a lesson with only word cards.


I send the kids off to cut things out for me, and then I staple or glue it together.


monster game for lesson 3

If it’s a game that has a sorting element or something that “eats the word,” I glue it to the front.  The eat the word games then have a slit cut into them so the game piece goes directly back into the envelope.  This lets me revisit favorite games easily.


All About Reading 1 game

Which as you can see is wildly popular.


Behind the individual lessons are our spelling boards that I created several months ago.  The letter tiles are attached with velcro to a laminated file folder.


I’m going to link over at Learning All the Time to share this Smile

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