Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 Random Things

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

I’m joining in with the iHN ladies for the first time this week.  I excell at random.

1.  I spent half of yesterday waiting for sonograms for Superman.  They were suspecting appendicitis.018

2.  As soon as the sonogram technician was going to see him, he suddenly and miraculously felt better.  To the point of being ridiculously happy.

3.  Seven year olds do not like having to wait a long time to eat or drink.  He was a trooper.

IMG_01464.  This is the third event for which Superman has needed a sonogram.  The first was for having a big head, 2millimeters bigger than his brother, and the second was for a hernia.

IMG_00025.  I relearned yesterday ALWAYS bring a book with you.  I didn’t because I was just going to a friend’s house and then home.  I brought my sketch pad, but I finished the last picture for Solomon while sitting in the first round of waiting rooms.

6.  It’s amazing how tired you feel when a major event is over.  I felt rather quiescent yesterday waiting for news.

0157.  Princess is convinced that I don’t like her as much as Superman because I spent all day with him while she had to go off with Mimi.  She’s feeling crazy tender, so I’m having a tea party with her today.  A very long one, maybe even cookies.

8.  I’ve come to the conclusion my Mom white-washed my past.  She says I was super easy to bring up, and that Princess is just like me.  She’s lying.  Princess is stubborn and emotional, and just like me.  There are times I think the two of us are going to kill each other, and then there are times I think I’ll spend a year crying when she moves out of the house.  I don’t know which one will win.


9.  I’m taking on a major ministry role at my church.  It is going to entail all sorts of things that are scary to me.  Like calling people, and recruiting.  On the other hand I get to write a whole new curriculum.

10.  I was looking forward to doing a bunch more sewing when I was done writing my current one.  I think that’s a few years out now.  I miss hand sewing.

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