Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Craft Fail: Make a castle

It's about the process not the product

I could have sworn I’d seen this at Almost Unschoolers, but after searching for along time, I can definitely say it’s not there.

SUPPLIES: empty oatmeal carton or lemonade carton, contact paper, cardboard, sharp knife

oatmeal carton castle step 1

1.  Trace the bottom of the can to make a floor.  You know, so it can be a two-story tower……



2.  Trace out the circle on your stone patterned contact paper.



2b.  Stop and make a pipe cleaner mustache.


decorating outmeal castle

3.  And then here’s where it went horribly wrong.  Why?


A.  I didn’t clean out the inside of the silly container.  Yes, stupid I know.  So there was a fine layer of lemonade dust, so the contact paper didn’t stick.  Second, contact paper doesn’t stick super well on smooth surfaces.

B.  Poor measuring and application of the contact paper.

C.  Bad planning to put the floor inside.  I thought it would just stay up with contact paper, it did, kind of.  Not at all.


reuse oatmeal containers as castles

But the girls had fun decorating it, and that’s what counts right?


oatmeal container castle

I still have a few more left, so I think that will be my entry for the Craft Wars challenge the kids and I have going on.


Why am I sharing this?  Because I want to make sure everyone knows, not everything turns out the way you want.  And that’s okay, it’s the experience that matters sometimes.  At the end of the craft, I had two happy girls who played with these things.  They didn’t care that it wasn’t a super cute craft.


linking up over at All Things Beautiful’s Summer Learning.

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