Friday, July 6, 2012

Around the World in 12 Dishes: Japan

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Sooooo……..  The month of June, it was exciting and busy.  I think half of the month was spent out of town or getting ready to go out of town, or getting the kids ready to go out of town, or something.  The other half was spent with Jeff working like a madman and not being home.  I had grand plans, and then reality hit.  So I decided to make cookies.  Let me tell you that story.

I’ll call it:

Green Tea Cookie Epic Fail

First I saw this WONDERFUL idea for Green Tea White Chocolate cookies.  They were even labeled “easy.”  I thought excellent, we love our “Earl Grey cookie recipe,” so this should be another wonderful find.


Then I read the ingredient list.  Matcha powder…… okay, I thought, excellent FIELD TRIP!


We went to the Asian market, and I thought excellent chance to talk about the differences like we did at the Indian Market.  Instead Princess spent the entire store holding her nose saying, “It smells bad in here Mommy.”


Then I couldn’t find the matcha powder.  Okay, I thought, substitute, and rather than google a substitute I made it up.


It’s green tea cookies, the matcha powder is green tea.  I’ll buy jasmine tea and grind it up.  No problem.


I cleaned out the coffee grinder of all the visible coffee grounds and ground up the loose jasmine tea.  The powder was not green, like I’m assuming matcha powder is.


But, I went on.  Next I discovered I didn’t have the white chocolate like I thought, but I had dark chocolate and mint chips.  No problem, I’ll substitute that also.


So, we started to make the cookies.  Can you see where I might have gone wrong?



Then I hauled over my 500 pound mixer to the other counter because it made for a better picture.  I nearly dropped it on my toe breaking it because I tripped over a bowl of water on the ground from the girls cleaning the tea set.


Princess added in the materials, missing about half a cup of flour on the counter, her dress, and anywhere but the bowl.


No problem, I just added in some more flour.



Then we baked the cookies.  Mine aren’t a pretty green color.  Nor are they pretty and round.  They’re more of an oblong shape, and they’re kind of lumpy.



Our guest, who’s Mom is a wonderful baker, and makes AMAZING cookies, looked at the cookies and very politely said, “No thank you.”  I couldn’t blame her.



Princess happily ate one, and said, “Yummy!”  When I asked if she wanted another she said, “No thank you.”


So, they sat there.  They were dry……  They didn’t taste particularly sweet.  They did taste like mint.


The girls did enjoy drinking tea, and looking at the tea set Jeff got from Japan.  But the cookies, epic fail.


So, when I actually made a meal.  I wimped out.  I got some pre-marinated chicken teriyaki and cooked that.  Then I made some plain white rice that I know the kids liked and made that.


And that is my tale.  I’ve learned that if I’m thinking “No problem,” it really is a problem.

So………  I’m hoping someone had a successful meal for Japan, because it certainly wasn’t me.

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