Monday, July 9, 2012

Sharing the Gospel with others

telling the story of creation

Every year our association of churches does kids clubs all throughout the Austin area.  My church does clubs in parks in an under-served area of Round Rock. 

Some of these kids don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Some don’t know where their Dad is.  Or maybe they do know, and that’s the problem.

Rock the Rock playing at the park
Some desperately need a hug.

Or a meal.

Or love.

So, each summer our church loads trailers full and brings giant inflatables and meals for one week.
People take off of work.  They give up a week of their summer.  The teens leading it give up two weeks of their summer, one week of training, and the week of clubs.  They don’t sleep much that week, they get tired.
I don’t think they believe they’re giving up anything……..  I certainly didn’t when I was a teen doing that.  Each summer I spent a month doing various mission trips.  I grew so much those summers.

So, if your kid ever gets a chance to serve like this, or if you’re given the opportunity to serve and volunteer for something bigger than you.

JUMP AT IT!  Take a running leap and jump as fast as you can to volunteer.  It will change your life for the better.

All that to say, I’m gonna put some posts up this week about all the cool things we did, and some other Bible stuff I’ve done recently.  I had planned to write all about it here, but honestly, I just wanted to say take a step out in faith, see what God does.
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