Sunday, July 1, 2012

Science Sunday: talking to your kids about sex


how to talk to your kids about sex

Yes, we had THAT talk with the boys this week.  It all started a few months ago when:

where do babies come from questions

I got a new nephew.  This started a whole bunch of questions: Where do babies come from?  How does the baby get in the Mommy’s tummy?  What does the baby eat?


Questions that I wasn’t really ready to answer.  I started researching books for this subject, and finally found a wonderful series that answers all of these questions at an age appropriate level.

For the boys we used “Before I Was Born.”  It covers the different anatomy, how our bodies change in just enough detail for a seven year old without getting into too fine a detail.  It explains very simply how babies are made without lingering, and then talks about how the baby grows inside of the Mommy’s womb. 


Jeff told me this was the part the boys were most interested in, how did the baby grow.  Which is age appropriate.  I’m sure in later years there will be more questions about other things……

What I liked:



1.  The pictures are soft pastels, which lets them show some of the body parts in question without it being too graphic for little kids.


2.  The material is covered simply without being overwhelming.  It’s in a friendly prose.


3.  It works for stopping often and asking questions.


What I dislike:

1.  How did my children get old enough I’m having to talk about this?  It took me a good month of reading and rereading the book for Jeff and I to be ready to talk with them.

2.  I debate when it gets to the actual subject of sex if it’s too much.  I’m sure it’s not, but going back to my first problem, I don’t know how much is too much.  I very much appreciate the different levels because I can choose.  The book I chose for the boys described in what is probably the right amount of detail, but I’m still getting used to the idea they’re that old.


Honestly the first time I started looking at books on this subject I just about broke down in the store crying trying to figure out how my kids got to be old enough this is actually a topic I’m talking about.  And then I looked at the next book and start it all over again.


I now know why my Mom every time I had a birthday or major event would cry, “My baby’s growing up!”


Okay, changing the subject before I start worrying about them going off to college.

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As you no doubt have figured out, I’m grabbing a few posts to share each week, but I wanted to make sure you knew that when you’re linking up.  There isn’t a super good rhyme or reason to my choosing.  Sometimes it’s “That’s so cool!,” sometimes it’s “how thought provoking.”  I'll share between 2-4 posts each week.

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