Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bible craft: David and Jonathan

popsicle stick bow and arrows
One of my favorite stories of friendship in the Bible is the story of David and Jonathan.  Jonathan’s father, King Saul, started off treating David as a son, but as he became more jealous he chose to try and kill him.
In the story, Jonathan promises to find out his father’s plans and then let David know by firing arrows into a field.  They set up a code, and Jonathan goes to get the news from his Dad.  Sadly, he finds out that David needs to run.  After reading the story, we decided to make our own bows and arrows.
On my 1 and 2 Samuel pinterest board, I have a link to make a bow out of a popsicle stick.  I followed the directions pretty closely, with one major adaptation.
supplies for popsicle stick bow
The instructions are well described on the original blog post, so I’m not going to say too much here.

The main thing I would add is to carefully and slowly bend the sticks.  It doesn’t take much to make a “good bow,” but it is very easy to splinter them even after soaking for hours.
popsicle stick bow
** I categorized this as a Mommy craft because my kids do not yet have the dexterity/fine motor control to make this.  Upper elementary kids might be able to do this.
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