Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to get your kids to volunteer

I’m choosing to post this today because I think volunteering is one of the principles our country was founded on.  Large numbers of the men who fought for our independence took no paycheck, they fought because they believed it was right.  To this day the United States is still a country that leads in volunteering and in charity.  I want my kids to be leaders in this area.

Teaching your child to volunteer

Every Sunday morning I teach Sunday School at my church.  We come into our classroom, which is 1/3 of a basketball gym, and there is nothing set up.  We meet in a YMCA, and there is a crew of big burly men who do most of the hard work of setting up the worship service and putting up lots of curtains to divide rooms up.  But, the individual classroom are set up by the teachers.


This is my view every Sunday morning as I finish my breakfast.  Jeff carries in huge stacks of chairs, and the kids pull them apart and put them around tables.  They help happily.


Why do they help happily?  Because they see their parents serving.


They see us get up every Sunday and do it.  They see us during the week working on our lesson and practicing it on them.


They see me pick up trash I see in the street and throw it away, even if it’s not mine.  Why?  Because it’s my calling to care for the earth.  Why?  Because God called me to be a steward, I am to keep it and care for it.


So now because the kids have seen me pick up trash for years, they pick up trash they see in the street.  They don’t usually randomly drop it on the ground, there are those times they do, but it’s becoming less often.


When I read Mom Connection, I realized I wanted to work on how we’re giving back to the community that has given much to us.  As I started to think on it more, I’ve realized we are giving back already.  Now, I need to refine this and make it more structured.  One of my plans is to bring a plastic bag with me when we go to the park to put the random trash we find into.


It’s a small thing, but it’s one we can do.  Do you have a small step you’re going to work on?

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