Monday, July 16, 2012

Backyard Flood 2012

About once a year our backyard floods.  Serious flooding.  I have pictures from the 2009 flood, and the relatively mild 2010 flood that broke the fence.  No flood last year because there was no rain.

So, I gve you our flooding for this year.  By the end of the night the river had died down to some puddles, but for that hour or so we played outside it was a nice river.


Now, what isn’t obvious from this is the quick moving current in there, which led to many experiments.  I have science posts for a couple of weeks from this Smile



We made the trek over to discover it’s about knee high on me.  The broken fence you see if from a previous flooding.  The kids have been slowly demolishing it and using it for projects.


Princess spent time changing outfits, first her dress, then shorts, but those got wet, so finally she just changed into her swimsuit.


Meanwhile the boys played and chased Mac, and just had a lot of fun.

While Mac had fun running around, I’m not quite sure he approved of it all…….


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