Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bible Alive: King Josiah

One of our history lessons recently was about King Josiah and how he found the lost scrolls of the Bible moldering away in the temple.


Well, rather than read this in the history book, I opted to read it in the Beginner’s Bible, and then go from there.



So, I gave them each a piece of paper with some Hebrew letters for them to have their own “Bible scroll.”  They crumpled up their papers and generally made them a horrific mess (nowhere near as messy as my children are right now, they’re convinced they’ve found dinosaur bones in our backyard).


Then we played a rousing game of “Find the Bible!”



“How do you play that?” you ask.


“I’m glad you asked,” I answer.


I make the kids sit in the kitchen while I hide their scrolls all over the family room.  Then they happily rummaged around looking for their missing scrolls.  After I’d help them play a few rounds I left them to it, and they happily entertained themselves as I made lunch.


This was a much better entertainment than the one that led to the ER trip while I made lunch.  This entertainment we’ll do again, the random acrobatics on tile floor, not so much.


Sigh, children.


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