Monday, February 21, 2011

Sometimes you have to let them lead the way

learning laboratory at mama smiles

009For Valentine’s Day they got some stuffed animals.  Now we were learning about birds and migrating, so we decided to migrate (this is actually a totally different post, but you need the background).  But, these migrating birds had babies, oh and picnics in the park.




I brought my old camera and let them take a lot of pictures.  Mainly Batman, the other two were way too busy with other important adventures.


So, Batman happily ran around the park taking lots of pictures of his Buzz Lightyear baby.



And that’s most of them.  Then we went through all of the pictures and he told me the story of his Buzz Lightyear’s brave adventures.


Now, I just need to print them off and write it all down.  Buzz is incredibly brave.  I mean amazingly so.

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