Thursday, February 10, 2011

stART: A Very Special Snowflake

With the winter weather we’re having here, I thought to use a couple of snow books for our art project this week, but we only ended up using one of those books, but this one is so cute, it’s worth being just one project.

Synopsis: The two kids go out for a walk in the snow and their dog Snowflake comes out with them and gets lost.  They ask all their neighbors and the neighbors misunderstand what they’re talking about.  Finally Snowflake is found.


My kids loved reading this book and finding the dog.  It’s fun to do, and not all that hard.


030I took the easy way out for our activity and rather than searching out a clip art of a dog, I used my new Silhouette to cut out a nice little Scotty dog out of some scrap paper.


Then I set them to drawing a picture of the kids looking for their missing dog, and then they glued their dog on.


They’re kind of hard to see what they did, so here’s mine to get you a better idea:



There’s a cute little white dog in the corner, which in the picture you can only see his head because that’s the only part of him that is over something I colored.  The kids LOVED this activity and book, so I need to find some ways to do a similar project.

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