Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I’ve been invited to a birthday party every day this week

And that was the other guests.  Well, the two that weren’t sitting on my lap.
Here’s the guest of honor.  Bolt.  One of many.  Since I wrote that post I think she’s added two more to her Bolt collection, and she’s angling to get one from the Disney store that looks like the Bolt from the movie.

Princess very carefully gathered all of the guests.
She made the cake.  Now I know why there is all that trash on the floor.  Her “kids” have been eating a lot of cake.
Had everyone close their eyes while the presents were brought in.
And made sure everyone had enough cake (which was then stored in a drawer, I’m learning all of her hiding places).

Right after Bolt’s party was done the boys had to have a party for their toys.  The main difference with their party (which I sadly got no pictures of) was everyone got party favors and the presents were collected on a pirate ship.

There are times it’s good to take a break from your schedule and just play.
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