Friday, February 18, 2011

Florida with no Disney in sight

No  really, I just didn’t want to have the kids focus on Disney, so we focused on NASA and animals. 



Here’s our projects:

TOTALLY AWESOME MOMENT:  Batman: “Mommy, I want to read to Daddy the book I read to you last morning.”


WOO HOO!  Okay, yes I know it’s because he wants to work on earning a prize, but still.  He wants to read.


All right, back to what I was saying, our projects:


On the left hand side covering one entire side is our Everglades book with hundreds of animals.


On the right are the two animals I decided to have us learn about.  It had to be two because I wanted them to learn about the manatee because it’s so unique, and besides then I could get this song stuck in someone else’s head.


And then we also had to learn about dolphins, because those are Princess’ favorite animal, or one of them.  You can’t forget “Ponies!”


And we of course did our usual state symbols (and with all of these if you click on the picture it will take you to the download).  This time I tried it with the pictures already in the boxes, and I don’t like that as much, but now I know.  “And knowing is half the battle.  Go Joe!”  Sigh, we got a DVD of some of those episodes and it doesn’t include the silly little PSA’s at the end of the episodes, so the kids do not get that joke at all.



And finally, we learned about NASA and the space study.


But, for rather obvious reasons this project won’t fit into a lapbook.  So, we headed over to Homeschool Share and looked at their materials.  If you haven’t been there, totally check it out, one caveat: it’s a little hard to navigate.  I found this piece by looking up Neil Armstrong, not NASA or Florida.


NASA accordian lapbook

We did read one other book, but I didn’t put the pieces in for it because I couldn’t find them, and besides I didn’t need to recall my boys favorite thing about this book.


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