Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bible Alive Tuesday or is it History: Fall of Jerusalem

Actually this was part of our history curriculum, so I’m also going to call it history.




My kids are rather enamored with acting out their history with Legos.  They ask to do it every single lesson.  Which doesn’t always work out.


But, this time it did, and I accidentally chose a Lego board that was perfect for his lesson.  I’ll say it was on purpose.



The Babylonians came to attack Jerusalem.


But, they didn’t know that Jerusalem had an interior water supply, so it was very hard to defeat them.


Finally they were successful in defeating part of Jerusalem, but they did not completely knock down the walls.  They carried off many of the Israelites to Babylon.


They attacked a second time, and more people were carried off, but they still did not successfully defeat Jerusalem.


Finally on the third try they were able to defeat and destroy Jerusalem.  They carried off all the treasure and kept it in their storehouses.


TA DA!  And that’s the story of the defeat of Jerusalem.


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