Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is one for the records, we got snow twice in 2 years!

Okay, for all of you who live up North and are currently under feet of snow, I know this isn’t a big deal.  But for those of us down here in Texas, this is HUGE!

So huge I felt the need to videotape Batman playing in it and telling me in his very excited voice about it.  I am sparing you the video of the dog running in the snow and more excited observations.  But, I have grandparents that read this, and they NEED to see this.


I may be exaggerating a little.



Batman was my most eager snow participant.  Princess was outside briefly, but declared it “cold, cold, cold, cold,” and that’s all I heard from her before she disappeared back indoors next to the fire.


A girl after my own heart.  But, Batman provided quite the commentary for me.



This is their “soup.”  Really, it’s a plastic tub that they’ve been dumping rocks, dirt, random stuff in for the last year or so.  Sometimes it’s poison, sometimes they are going to feed it to the birds.  It all depends on the game for that day.


Batman told me it looks “yucky,” and we can’t eat it right now.


Good to know.  I wasn’t planning on it.



Mac thought the snow was awesome, and he looked so cute running around in it.  He did not disappear in the snow, like the dog in the story we read did.  But, Mac’s not white.


Or, so I was told.



Considering how infrequent snow is here I think I was downright restrained in my picture taking.


Unlike last year or the time we had “snow.”  No really if you look very VERY closely in the pictures with snow in quotations you can see snow.  Honest.

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