Friday, February 11, 2011

Some last Valentine ideas

If you remember my earlier post, then I’m going to use some things from that.  Mainly the huge amount of contact paper I had left over from our earlier project.  Seriously, lots left over.
First project with that:
Super easy, and makes our dining room look festive.

Supplies to make this super cute guy: glue dots, heart shaped cookie cutter, the contact paper project or foam, pom pom, glitter glue (or googly eyes), little stickers of other sorts.

1.  Trace a heart shape and cut it out.

2.  Use glue dot to glue pom pom on.

3.  I put the foam hand stickers on, but those aren’t necessary.

4.  Put on two dots of glitter glue for eyes.
Aren’t they cute?

Next project using the templates from the earlier post.
Supplies: broken crayons, heart mold that can go in oven, printout

First peel and break into little bitty pieces an insanely large number of crayons.

The smaller the better, and if you’re mistakenly using those huge toddler crayons, smash those with a hammer.  You stand no chance of breaking them with your hands.

Apparently my computer ate the picture of them in their heart mold, so imagine it’s here.

Cook in your oven at 350 for about 3-5 minutes.  If the pieces are smaller it’s less time.  Then let them cool until they are hard, that takes AT LEAST 10 minutes.  If you don’t wait long enough you will poke a hole in the crayon.  So do be patient.

I don’t speak from experience.  Honest.  Or maybe a little.

Gather your next round of supplies:  glue dots, heart crayons, and template.

And here’s your two-step instructions:

1.  Stick glue dot on the bottom.

2.  Stick crayon heart on top of the glue dot.

I saw this cute mustache and lip idea here. Where I printed out the template from.

In case you can’t tell, they’re wildly popular and super simple to make.  Just trace the template onto the foam, and cut out.  Then punch a hole in the middle.  My hole punch is a little big for this, but all in all it’s wildly popular.

Batman ran around saying “I’m Mr. Charles” while wearing his mustache. His next thought was to “fool Daddy,” who wouldn’t recognize him with his disguise.

I now have a request to make a more permanent mustache, and he doesn’t mean wait 10 years to grow one.
And here’s my attempt at taking my picture.
And, now I’m going to go eat a yummy desert pizza from Papa Murphy’s…….  That’s what I call a healthy breakfast, you know a smores pizza……..

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