Tuesday, February 22, 2011

History: Darius 1


Last week over at Mama Smiles there was a post about using painter’s tape to make roads, and I thought that sounds like fun, and I need to remember to do that.


Then, we read our history for the day and Darius 1 was known for fixing the roads in the Babylonian Kingdom and putting in a lot of infrastructure.


AH HA!  Perfect, so now we got to build our painter’s tape roads.



And our roads traveled all over.  It went up a hill.  A very steep hill.





And then the elephants started walking down it.  No wonder he had to do so much maintenance for his roads.  Elephants go down them.


Of course that was the only thing remotely in the correct time period that went down that road.






In the boys’ history of the world the Star Wars empire came in and contributed their tech.  I don’t know which side they came in on, because these were relatively peaceful soldiers.  They built roads, and drove up and down them.


Then they disappeared upstairs and fought EPIC battles to free the galaxy of unwanted scourge.

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