Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is Bolt


This is Bolt.  This is the Bolt that’s little and is soft and brown.


This is Bolt.  This is the Bolt that’s big and is the Mommy dog.


This is Bolt.  He’s in that corner there, Princess took the picture.  He’s the Bolt that is sitting like a dog and is brown.

That’s all the pictures of Bolt I can find.  There’s at least 2 more I know of.  Try arguing with a 3 year old on what her dog is named, and see how far you get.  Then try to find “Bolt” when she’s crying hysterically at night because she can’t find “Bolt,” and she’s trying to describe Bolt to you.

Can you tell she likes Bolt?  I thought about just writing.  “This is Bolt” for each picture and leaving it at that.
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