Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are you hungry Mommy?

Sunday we had friends over to play games. I actually have a few things I'll post on games later, but not until I do my experiment later. But, the reason this is a post is my kids woke up ravenous.

Superman ate some string cheese, and he came back with "You hungry Mommy? I hungry. You want cookie Mommy?" This was then followed by going to the next person he thought likely to give him a cookie, until he found someone who was hungry enough to get up and give him a cookie and themselves a cookie. His Aunt Tara is a soft touch, and got him at least 3 cookies. Everyone was very impressed with his reasoning skills.

Here's my reasoning of his thought process: I want a cookie. If I get a cookie by myself I'll get in trouble. If an adult gets me a cookie it's okay. I'll ask if they're hungry.

He also has figured out to ask his Dad for things I won't give him. I had some toys I had set aside for our trip this summer, so they'll be new and fun to play with. The problem being Jeff didn't know this, so he said they could play with them. Oh well, they'll still be relatively new if I take them away today and put them away for 2 months.
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