Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conversations at Lunch

Here's how my convesation went Monday at lunch.

Superman: Mommy! That picture has a car in it!
Me: Yes it does.
Superman: Who made the car Mommy?
Me: I don't know who made it?
Superman: God made the car Mommy!

Princess: Mommy! That picture no have car! That picture no have car. It has people!
Now keep repeating this phrase until I acknowledge her

Superman: Mommy! Who made the floor?
Batman: God made the floor.
Superman: I asked Mommy, not you Batman.
Me: Who made the floor?
Superman: God made the floor.

These are all said in complete seriousness, and we had many different variations on this conversation. Who made the table, the chair, the food (each type of food we ate), and so on and so forth. Each time the answer was God made it. So, they have down the concept that God made everything, now I have to get them to understand that, yes God made everything, but sometimes God uses man to make stuff. How to explain that to a preschooler?

I also learned today that God loves us, and that they love God, and the answer to almost every question is God. It's really hilarious. Now, I'm pondering how to present the gospel in ways they can understand. I think a lot of it is above their understanding right now, but it's worth starting to look into.
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