Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to make a monster

Yes! I think I've finally figured out the new way to post pictures, so without further ado, I give you how to make a monster.
To start off, I wasn't planning on making monsters for my kids, but they saw a hair tie I'd bought for Wendy and decided that we would use them to make monsters........ So, off we went to Joann's and we searched high and low to find the appropriate monster fabric. I convinced them that tulle would not work, but was not always successful in my attempts to disuade them from their choices, so here's the picks:
Fabric chosen for monsters
Superman is on the left with a flame-resistant flannel festooned with sharks, or as he told me "It's a Diego monster fabric," that's a whole other post. In the middle is Batman, he chose a black flannel backed satin type fabric, "I want a Batman monster." Princess is on the right, she chose a super fuzzy fleece fabric, that I adore, "Princess monster," picture that said in a high voice and yelled as loud as she can. Princess chose the only one I remotely thought was a monster fabric.....
Here's the supplies we used: fun foam, pom poms, buttons, and fabric scraps
choosing buttons for eyes
Step one: Trace a monster pattern onto the fabric. Now let your kids try to cut out the monster, and then retrace the monster and cut it out yourself.
Step two: Let them look through the buttons and choose eyes.
Step three: Go to the sewing machine, and sew around the monster. Make sure to leave an opening to turn and stuff your monster. I left it in the side, because I like having a straight edge to hand sew. Clip any curves that you need to clip, I only clipped the curves by the arms and legs, I figured a misshaped head is part of being a monster.
cutting out ears
Step four: While you are sewing, give the kids some scissors and fun foam. They get to cut out ears. Princess mainly shredded her ears, but she had fun and worked hard, and that's what matters at this point.
shredding ears
Step five: let your kid stuff the monster. Batman and Superman did this, but Princess had me stuff hers. This is a great fine motor skill activity. You probably will need to help steering stuffing into legs and arms, those are harder to do.
stuffing my monster
Step six: Sew monster closed. It's important to do this before they play with it too much, or you will have to restuff it. Forgive the slightly blurry nature of the photo, it's hard to take a picture of hand sewing......
gluing fuzzys on monsters
Step seven: Now the pom poms get used. You can sew it on by hand, or do as we did, and they had lots of fun gluing them on. This does mean they have a tendency to fall off, but I certainly wouldn't have sewn on the 30 pom poms that Superman glued to the back of his monster.
I need lots of fuzzies on my monster
Step whenever: Oh and at some point you need to put the ears on. You can glue or sew them on. I sewed the ears on at a stop light, because I was tired of hearing nonstop questions of when they would get to have their ears put on.
Now, to make this more educational, this coming week we're going to be reading lots of books about monsters and making monster games and all sorts of great monster activities. I'm in the process of making it all right now.
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