Monday, March 2, 2009


Superman loves blankies. If he is sitting down anywhere downstairs he has a blanket wrapped around him and 2 fingers in his mouth with the blankie up to his nose. Batman thinks blankies are okay, if you sit down with him and have blankies, he will get under them with you, but otherwise he doesn't really care. Princess..... she doesn't like them. In her opinion if she is sitting on your lap, then you don't need one. I explain all of this so you will understand the significance of the next story.

The other day we were getting ready to leave, and Princess noticed her "princess blankie." The one she got for Christmas and mainly wants when someone else has it. Well, she needs this blankie, she must have it, and the world will end if she can't take it with her. It's a cold day, so I was willing to let her do this. So she proudly drags it out to the car, and I buckle her into her carseat and bundle her up in it.

Now, Superman sees this, and he is quite sure he NEEDS a blankie too, and so does Batman. So, they ask if they can and happily traipse back out to get their blankies. Here's the results:

What you see of Superman is about all I usually see of him in the morning as he blinks at me while watching his cartoons. That's also about the best picture I was able to take from the driver's seat.
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