Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Superman and Batman

We went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. We're having an actual birthday party on Saturday, but we wanted to make their big day special.
First the boys opened their presents: two movies and a Batcave!

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, and they had a blast, here's a few pictures of the fun:

Princess and I driving, she's good at crashing.

Batman's favorite game that day, driving the car and taking his picture with Chuck E Cheese!
Superman loved talking on the phone to Chuck E Cheese.

All three of them loved the derby race, but here it's Batman riding. Heck, I would have loved to of ridden it!

For dinner we ate the requested meal (with a little guidance I was NOT making macaroni and cheese for a special meal), so we had steak mashed potatoes and steak. We finished up the day watching their new movies.

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