Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby presents, or how to get ready for a baby shower really quickly

I have a friend who is pregnant right now and her shower is today. She needed a small present because she would be flying back to Australia and all of her presents have to fit in TWO suitcases. So, my usual present of lots of helpful items you don't register for was rather out.

Here's what I made instead.


Pictures: receiving blanket, burp cloths, teddy bear

The receiving blanket is just a square of flannel 40" x 40" hemmed. Perfect for summer time frame and light winters.

The burp cloths are cloth diapers with a 5 inch trim of flannel sewn to the bottom. I loved these when my kids were babies because my burp cloths were distinctive and everyone knew it was mine.

The teddy bear is a new addition for me, and I think will be added into my usual presents. I found the pattern off this blog. Which then directed me to the pattern (scroll all the way to the bottom to find it).

I love this pattern, it makes up in less than an hour, and Batman happily helped me stuff it. I am so addicted to it now and have ideas for making several others. Here's my thoughts on how to change it.

1. Make pointed ears for a cat.
2. Pointed ears and yarn in the seam to make a lion or ric rac would be cute too
3. Bigger ears for a mouse
4. Longer ears for a dog
5. I think with some experimentation you could make an elephant.

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